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Bike-Quip - ST1300 accessories
Bike-Quip - ST1300 rear panels
Bike-Quip - ST1300 Handlebar Risers
Bike-Quip - ST1300 Stainless Steel Radiator Grille
Bike-Quip - ST1300 Sat Nav Mount
Bike-Quip - ST1300 Pan Badges
Bike-Quip - ST1300 Honda V4 Badges
Bike-Quip - ST1300 Front Fenda Extenda
Bike-Quip - ST1300 Protection Kits
Bike-Quip - ST1300 Reflective Kits
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Bike-Quip - ST1100 windscreens
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Welcome to Bike-Quips' Honda ST1300 & ST1100
On-line Accessories Store

My name is Steve Bielby and I am the new owner of Bike-Quip.

I plan to re-open in early February with a new web site, build upon the successes achieved by Bike-Quip over the past 14 years and develop some new products.

I look forward to providing you with a service which at least matches that provided by the previous owner.

Since 2003, I have ridden a Honda ST1300 and operating as a sole trader, designing and arranging the manufacture of accessories for the Pan-European/ST1300/ST1100. All products fit all bikes for which they have been designed.

I endeavour to be innovative and different in the products I make available, not to mention the high quality and value they represent ... all backed up with an excellent service - from me personally.

I invite you to take a closer look at my products for both the ST1100 and ST1300, all of which I am very proud and sell with total confidence

Windscreens: A whole selection for both the ST1100 and ST1300, including my incredibly popular Flip Top & Wider screens and, following such heavy demand... the ST1300 Extra W-I-D-E screen.
Honda V4 & Pan-European Badges: Why have we not had these before? Take a closer look - I'm confident you'll like them! Superb quality and look great!
ST1300 Stainless Steel Radiator Grille: Very smart and enhanced protection.
Frame Protectors: An essential addition to just about every ST1300 on this planet.
Swing Arm Protection kit: Do not underestimate the effectiveness of fitting one of these kits!
Rear Reflector Kit: Increase the visibility of your bikes' rear end.
Fairing Reflector Kit: A sporty look and a safety enhancement.
Headlamp Cover: Choose from Clear or Yellow.
Sat. Nav. Mount: Exactly where you need it on the ST1300.
ST1300 Handlebar Risers: You'll be so pleased with the difference these make. Quite simply - British Engineering at its best.
Honda Reflective Wings: A novel safety enhancement.